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LUIS ESQUILIN at the age of 72, he proudly considers himself an educator, pianist, composer and band leader who initially in his career studied at one point at "El Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico."  Recently Esquilin was honored with an "EDUCATION AWARD" at the New York League of Puerto Rican Women's 14th Anniversary Scholarship Gala on September 1st 2022.  He is the first to admit that music has always been a central interest in his life. 

Currently, Esquilin's SALSAVIVE orchestra has an extended recording out on sale on APPLE Music and similar outlets. His latest project includes the SALSAVIVE Orchestra and promoting the arts, particularly in the genre of Salsa, Latin Jazz and contemporary music in general to the public at large.

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WILL LYLE, a recent graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, this bass player is moving on up full of talent, personality and grit. Already a sought after bass player just of the world of academia, Will has played with some of the most noteworthy Jazz artists of his time, not to mention he is breaking into Salso music. Lyle is clearly a promising star in the musical heavens of our world.

JENNIFER FREEDMAN, as a Corista and singing enthusiast she is currently quite the entrepreneur as well with not only singing as a focus, but recording groups local musical acts as well. She just re-designed and expanded her  New Jersey-based studio. 

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GEORGE VELEZ is a master veteran singer, trombonist, corista and all around musician that has been the heart of the band since its inception. With decades of experience Velez has virtually placed his imprint on the industry.

RALPH MARZAN, Jr. has the distinction of being not only a proficient Bongo player, but the son of a master bongo and percussionist who was one of the first FANIA ALL STARS in the 1970s.  The son does not fall far from the tree, as Marzan, Jr. has proven time and time again on the Salsa scene.

FELIX AMOR has been said to resemble the musical Tresista and musical icon YOMO TORO in his playing of the Tres guitar and his overall performance. Surprisingly enough Amor plays a number of instruments and even excells as a premier singer. 

JULIO ORTIZ is as talented a trumpetist as one can find on the Salsa scene. This veteran musician has played  with many high profile bands and marqui players and yet he always seems to stand out not only because of his musicianship, but also because of his light personality and gleeful humor, a trait not easy found in people today.

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